Why Tarway

Experience & Expertise

Over the last 3-4 decade we have not only understood the leather market, we lived it - day in and day out. The constant evolution of tastes & preferences in the market taught us that innovation is the key to thrive as a customer-centric business.

From carefully choosing our vendors, sourcing the right materials, ensuring that each piece of product that we produce is top-notch, to hiring & retaining a world-class team that understands & shares the same goal helped us improve our value chain.

It’s our years of hard work, patience, expertise, and experience that have made us who we are today. If it’s about mastery - know that Tarway is not far away.

Quality & Customer Focus

Long before the propaganda of EFCS (Employee First, Customer Second), we have been nurturing a culture that helps our employees first, customers second. We believe that if we nurture our employees, they will eventually nurture our customers & offer them a world-class experience.

And our result speaks volumes - many of our customers are with us for more than two decades. Talk about customer retention. And there’s no hack. The pure SAGA OF COMMITMENT to the finest quality and an incredible customer experience.

Try Tarway, there’s no better way.

Social Responsibility

We are the living example of Ubuntu.

The word ‘ubuntu’ is a South African word that means ‘I am because you are’. We believe that no organization can sustain and thrive in a vacuum. We are because they are.

We have installed the best sustainability practices -

Using an eco-friendly manufacturing process to ensure no air/water pollution & to cause zero carbon emission.

Using leather from LWG Rated tanneries so that ecological balance is maintained resulting in sustainable development.

Adhering to the ethical responsibility of maintaining the Government protocols & ensuring that the vendors follow the same.

Providing essential amenities to the employees and an opportunity for them to grow and thrive in the organization.

Offering a great working environment for employees & partners by adhering to social audit norms such as SA 8000 and SMETA.

Procuring Chromium-free Vegetable Tanned leather on demand.